One winter, a pastor finds an abandoned infant on his church steps and builds 'a drop box' to rescue any future foundlings.







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We believe that truthful stories can expose the heart to its most desperate need.

We believe that film communicates stories with unique authority and authenticity.

We believe that the gospel of Jesus Christ is the most truthful and beautiful story ever.

We exist to tell stories that highlight the truth and beauty of the Gospel.




We don't tell confusing or ambiguous stories. We don't embed truth in impossible to find places. We aim to be clear and raw about what we believe.



We know everyone has an "authenticity meter." So, we tell stories born out of pain and real life issues, even some of our own mistakes. 



We believe that films give us back some of what we've lost. They help us actually see the restoration that we all long for in a broken world. So we want to end our stories with hope.




We believe that there is a huge difference between telling the truth and the audience perceiving it as such. We hope to be excellent so that nothing undermines the truth of the Gospel.


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Brian Ivie | Head of Storytelling

Brian became a Christian while making a movie. He is the award-winning director of “The Drop Box” which will premier in theaters nationwide next year. Brian recently graduated from The Bryan Singer Division of Critical Studies at USC’s School of Cinematic Arts, and hails from sunny San Clemente,  California. He is a published film critic, recreational songwriter, and was the only white male in the Saved By Grace Gospel Choir. If Brian were to get a tattoo it would be Galatians 5:1 or Hebrews 2:11. He thanks The Lord daily for his adoption into an eternal family.  


Bryce Komae | Head of Production + Theology

Bryce enjoys a good font, road trips, camping, fishing, surfing, cribbage, and of course his mouse, Eric McChaimonson.  Born and raised in Los Angeles,  he has spent most of his life in Southern California and completed his studies at USC's Marshall School of Business.  Writing music and graphic design are definitely his favorite creative passions, both of which he also brings to the table for Arbella projects.  In crafting bios, Bryce was voted most likely to Instagram or tweet.  And for some reason, he can't pronounce the words "hash brown," "Best Buy," and "hungry"  properly.    


Will Tober | Head of Production + Authenticity

Will enjoys sports, the beach, country music, film and adventure. He graduated from USC in 2013 with a degree in Broadcast Journalism and a minor in Sports Media Studies. He once dreamed of becoming a full time stay-at-home son, but has a gained a passion for film development. He is hoping Arbella will serve as a stepping stone to achieve his ultimate goal of becoming a male nanny.  Will is the least hipster member of the group and plans on keeping it that way.


W.A. FulkersonStoryteller

W.A. is always stumbling into new adventures.  He's into wrestling, languages, jiu-jitsu, paragliding, musical instruments, traveling, and anything else that sounds like fun. If you ask him about his various interests, he'll tell you that it's all "research." He is the author of numerous books, including the Starfall Trilogy, and he is the writer in residence here at Arbella.  Also, he loves Jesus. A lot.


Jon CipitiStoryteller

Jon was raised in New York, where he was brought up on a healthy diet of snow, board games, and copious amounts of Dance Dance Revolution.  Having the opportunity to work with non-profit and other organizations, Jon has traveled and filmed the lives of others and learned that everyone has a story and that there is power in storytelling.  At Arbella, Jon continues to seek God's truth by telling the gently profound stories of others.


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